about lick. slobber. drool.

Bailey is the drooler.

Banjo is the licker.

Put them together and take them to a dog park…a slobbery mess!

And from that, Lick. Slobber. Drool. was born! It’s been a running joke around our house and we decided to put it to work for a great cause.

Bailey and Banjo have had a few of their buddies pass from Canine Cancer. It’s hard to believe that something as wonderful as a dog, who give us such joy, and live such a short life, should have to endure something as horrible as cancer! It isn’t just hard on Bailey and Banjo, but it is hard on us as well.

So after a lot of thinking, Bailey wanted to donate something to help the cause, get some funding for research, help families with medical expenses, get research done that could help both dogs and people. She talked to Banjo, who then proceeded to lick her like a cat, and then they finally let me in on it. Together we are slowly building Lick. Slobber. Drool. into a dog lifestyle company that will donate a portion of the net proceeds to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

Please take a look around and pick yourself up a shirt or a few stickers (and more products are in the works as I write this). Tell your friends and family. Sign up for a fundraising event with Bailey & Banjo. Donate directly to Canine Cancer yourself! It doesn’t matter how the money gets there, just that it does. If you are able to resell merchandise, talk to us about our wholesale program! With all of us helping out, hopefully someday soon we will make even bigger gains towards the cure of cancer. For all of us.

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